Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bel Air news | LAPD off-duty Police Officer Killed | Motorcycle crash

LAPD off-duty Police Officer Killed | Motorcycle crash

An off-duty Los Angeles Police Officer was riding a Motorcycle while traveling one direction, unknown details. 

The Off-duty LAPD Officer entered the intersection at Tampa Ave and Chatsworth St and then was struck by another vehicle. 
Raw Footage Credits: Baddboyfilms news, September 21, 2017 at 6:49pm intersection of Tampa ave. and Chatsworth st.

Watch the Baddboyfilms news Raw Footage: 

Two females in their 20s had said they both witnessed the entire incident in real time, though they were reluctant to giving media any information what so ever. They both said they actually watched it all happen.

The two female witnesses were in their late 30-mid 40s,  and said they both saw the injured motorcyclists was transported via RA and the paramedics had him laying in the street for 3 minutes giving him CPR after tearing his shirt off and wasn't having the best of luck so the the Paramedics grabbed him and placed him in an awaiting ambulance while the patient was unresponsive to all CPR and the dispatch relayed to control over Fire channel band scanner frequencies, stated the male patient motorist was transported to Holly Cross Hospital and that he was DC (Dead Corpse) already though they relayed he is in grave condition thereafter.

The Tv media was following this story and 4 channels arrived on scene but left when the body was missing. The LAPD stated over the air that the body was on scene and that they were awaiting the L.A. Corner to arrive. They lied to get Tv News coverage interested in coming to the scene.

The Police Officer who responded Code3 straight, was noting in a conversation frequencies called Trunking,  car to car, stated this was a Killing, meaning a criminal investigation that they believed it was from road rage of some sort. No evidence proved any such thing in the tv news from KTLA and the Los Angeles City Fire Department said that the Off-Duty LAPD Officer was in grave condition but that the paramedics were administering CPR to the victim cop laying on the ground when the Fire Department arrived on scene. 

LAFD responding: E8, RA 96 , 10800 N. Tampa Av 6:49pm Sept 21, 2017
Devonshire PD on scene handling the investigation , possible criminal investigation by nature and had put up crime scene Police line tape.

The police had asked all people, looking-loos to leave the area, the Police and investigators appeared to be upset at this whole scene during their investigation and the Tv news showed up in their vans but left since they body of the Police Officer was not on scene anymore. 

Traffic Collision; 6:49PM; 10800 N Tampa Av;  Porter Ranch; Auto vs motorcycle with one patient  FS 8; Batt 15; Valley Bureau; Council District 12; E8 RA96; CH8; Margaret Stewart

Accident site: 19401-19409 Chatsworth St, Northridge, CA 91326, USA