Sunday, June 17, 2018

Bel Air News | LAPD investigate a Crash from suspected street racing / Raw Footage

Woodland Hills News | 2018 Corvette Z06 Crash | Raw Footage


Photos / raw media exclusive credits: Baddboyfilms News June 17, 2018 / Woodland Hills, CA

A Violent crash here on Topanga Cyn. Boulevard during Sunday shopper's traffic exiting the Mall and AMC Theaters at Westfield Village Shopping center . A Driver spun out of control and ran half way on his automotive's belly down the curb and sidewalk,  clearing trees with it's nose / grill, up-rooting them and the 2x4's that held up the trees as a side post. The Corvette came to a halt (after it smacked into the concrete retaining wall along the insider edge of the walkway) in the Topanga Cyn. Bl. slow lane and curb with a trail of tree trunks in it's grill and following path of wood chips. 

Lots of wood chips.

One driver was injured with a minor cut to his eye lid and no passengers in the the entangled wreckage . The Corvette is a brand new 2018 Z06 that still has it's DMV papers taped to the front window. The driver was very distract at the scene while Lapd Traffic officers questioned him to see is he was coherent during the crash.  

The crash took place near the east bound lanes of Topanga Cyn. Bl. with the nearest southern cross street of the 21900 block of Califa St. 

The crash wasn't suspected DUI related and the driver told Police he was navigating when he lost control of his Corvette.

Traffic was blocked up for a few hundred feet North on Topanga Cyn. Bl to the Westfield @Topanga Village Mall & Shopping Center from Oxnard St. . The driver had suffered a cut on his left eyebrow and Paramedics from E84 released him on his own refusal for their transport services to a local Hospital.

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