Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Woodland Hills Topanga Police Use a Taser Gun on a Man not Under Arrest | Local News

May 29, 2018, (Tuesday) News credits: Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles
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Los Angeles Police Tasering and Arresting a Black Man. Suspect screaming as police taser him while he is in handcuffs. 

LA News - Topanga Westfield Crime

 Target reported a male suspected they suspected was shoplifting at Westfield mall at Topanga Tuesday. The suspect was described as a male, black, 6’3” tall, about late 20s, wearing a red baseball cap , red bandana, and red sneakers and a further details, carrying a large black backpack. 

In store loss prevention had called 911 at 9:00 am to report that this suspect had left the location carrying his backpack he had stuffed with a lot of unpaid for dvd that they said they had suspected him of stealing inside the Target because one minute he had a handful and the next he didn’t have any during his walk through the store. 

They said to police he stuffed them into his pack he was wearing and walked out, setting off the store door alarms but he didn’t stop when they ran after him. He was being sought by police without knowing it. 

Apparently the suspect’s name was Identified as: Marcus Wright C.

Police Shown Tasering a Black Man outside of LA Metro Los Angeles

Video of Police Tasering the man before he was a placed under arrest.  

Target Store in Westfield Topanga nabs a possible shoplifter who allegedly stole about $400 in dvd bad films and ran to catch a bus.

 Police caught him, he fought and was tasered by LAPD. Watch the video as the man gets tasered.