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Bel Air News | LAPD investigate a Crash from suspected street racing / Raw Footage

Woodland Hills News | 2018 Corvette Z06 Crash | Raw Footage


Photos / raw media exclusive credits: Baddboyfilms News June 17, 2018 / Woodland Hills, CA

A Violent crash here on Topanga Cyn. Boulevard during Sunday shopper's traffic exiting the Mall and AMC Theaters at Westfield Village Shopping center . A Driver spun out of control and ran half way on his automotive's belly down the curb and sidewalk,  clearing trees with it's nose / grill, up-rooting them and the 2x4's that held up the trees as a side post. The Corvette came to a halt (after it smacked into the concrete retaining wall along the insider edge of the walkway) in the Topanga Cyn. Bl. slow lane and curb with a trail of tree trunks in it's grill and following path of wood chips. 

Lots of wood chips.

One driver was injured with a minor cut to his eye lid and no passengers in the the entangled wreckage . The Corvette is a brand new 2018 Z06 that still has it's DMV papers taped to the front window. The driver was very distract at the scene while Lapd Traffic officers questioned him to see is he was coherent during the crash.  

The crash took place near the east bound lanes of Topanga Cyn. Bl. with the nearest southern cross street of the 21900 block of Califa St. 

The crash wasn't suspected DUI related and the driver told Police he was navigating when he lost control of his Corvette.

Traffic was blocked up for a few hundred feet North on Topanga Cyn. Bl to the Westfield @Topanga Village Mall & Shopping Center from Oxnard St. . The driver had suffered a cut on his left eyebrow and Paramedics from E84 released him on his own refusal for their transport services to a local Hospital.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Woodland Hills Drug Trade | RAW FOOTAGE

West Valley Crime News, local 405 Freeway / Lake Balboa / Orange Line La Metro

Los Angeles Political Issues: News, Local
Homeless People on Drugs

Credits: Baddboyfilms News , May 10, 2018 / Thursday Los Angeles News 

Homeless Lady smoking crack from her glass pipe bowl. 

Unknown female transit, City of Los Angeles, Random. 
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 It is that simple. A lot of these  drug offenders are living on the streets in the San Fernando Valley, most of them are living in North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Chatsworth and Canoga Park, also West Hills (Some of the quite ones, older) and Woodland Hills is full of it, like Santa Monica in drug addicts right now in May thru Oct as it all begins to slow down in Oct when tourists head back to LAX and the community counts it’s profits from all the prices we jacked up for the California tourist traps here during our hottest months of out-of-towner’s to spend spend it broke for the summer. But after summer is over each year, the Valley gets hammered by the active crime and homeless people who think they are above the laws anyway, linger. Lots of strangers from you don't know where, linger. Not the ones you saw last year. New People. They linger and some leave but return to the valley later when the weather gets hotter again. The homeless are smart people. Don't under estimate them, you will only be dropping your own guard. 

Treat them like any stranger. But don't be fooled, they are VERY smart. The term called street smarts came from the police making jokes about people who live on the streets. Being street smarts is an insult to what you would really call someone if they be clever or talented. It doesn't matter if you live on the streets. 

You still can own a company. You still can built credit ratings, you can save for a house and you can employ others under you. You can be your own boss and make a million filed into taxes each year. Homeless is not a category though  the media makes it sound like a dirty thing to do. Being homeless isn't a crime and Californian Politicians have found ways to get the taxpayers to pay their employees on solving something that you won't solve, people being homeless. It is a money crisis and nothing usually more at first. 

But when someone becomes homeless and are not on drugs or doing anything illegal, other street people and non-homeless people and the police love to turn up the heat and blackball people so they aren't just homeless but lose their livelihoods too.  This is why being homeless you better know what you are doing so you can report the people and authorities to the right Federal agencies when they target you so you can have people arrested, It is the only way.

It is a TWO-WAY STREET on the streets, non-homeless and Homeless. 

Like a civil war. The non-homeless people are always targeting to harm people of the street as if the people on the street don't have anyone who will listen to them. 

But all the homeless people need to do is google search: FBI SUBMIT Complaint .. From their phones online wifi and fill out the report then click send. Simple as it gets. Within 2 hours, you are safe. The FBI will not ignore your complaint. Make sure you feel a License plate number, description of suspects and you can write up to 3,000 words then click onto the submit button at the bottom of the page. Here's the link:

  In the western part of the famous San Fernando Valley within the city limits of the City of Los Angeles where Tv and the movie producers call home to has it’s problems too. The area used to be mostly rolling hills of grassy pastures and wild horses , home to the farmers who used to own Warner Bros. White Oak ave at Roscoe Blvd used to be owned by the Warner Brothers parents in a 334 acre ranch and airfield where they charged a fee to use their landing strip for private bi-planes to land, travelers to this great Valley of the San Fernando and Owensmouth Families, Lankershim and Van Nuys families back in the cold hearted great American depression days during the years 1929 through the early 1930s. 

After major development took place, Hollywood boom town began to take it’s great foothold with the word traveling around the world from Western Union Telegrams and Morris code and also over radio stations telling Americans about new jobs being offered in boom town Hollywood and rising your family on a farm in the San Fernando Valley .  It was the American dream. We didn’t look at our illegal immigrates the way U.S. President Trump tries to get America to hate them in his way to this present day. 

Old Hollywood brought the people in like Las Vegas brought in tourists and gammers. It was big news to become a star in Hollywood and Beverly Hills attracted some of the most wealthiest of people to lavish their livelihoods in marble and gold, ivory statues and be famous in the world of Hollywood glamour to star on their own motion picture show and gain the world’s attention as an above the law human being. 

Old school SFV is not gone. It is all still here. We have our problems more differently now than back in the old times. Those years are memories, you can google them in Water and Power Associates online and click onto images in Google to view and read about all the news and ideas people have posted. 

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